Anxiety/Depression/Grief and Loss/Other Emotional Disorders/Career Goals/ Low Self-Esteem/Trauma

"I sat with my anger long enough, until she told me her real name was grief"

(Source unknown)

Life is often complicated. Emotions can be tricky. Too often we are not taught how to manage them both in meaningful ways. Therefore, it is easy to ignore, mask, or substitute our emotional responses to life's complexities. This strategy can work for a matter of time, but when it is no longer effective, distress consumes your life.

As a therapist, my job is not to tell you all of the things you are doing wrong. Nobody wants to be continuously condemned. As a therapist, my job is not to prescribe the way to fix your problems. I believe you are the only person who best knows you. As your therapist, I have the pleasure and responsibility to walk beside you through an exploration journey. I'll offer strategies, frameworks, and tools, but you hold key to your freedom. The only way healing can come, is for you to do the deep work. The beautiful thing is, you do not have to do it alone. I am committed to be with you in this renewing process.


Together, one step at a time