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Family Foundation Initiatives offers a variety of services to meet your clinical needs. Individual, couple, and family therapy are standard offerings for most clinical practices, but we have other creative services that can assist you outside of the more traditional options.

At various times throughout the year, you can find opportunities to participate in group therapy. We also offer workshops such as discovering your life purpose, and marriage-related subject matter. One of our signature services is the Affinity Roundtable where clients can bring their loved ones to participate in difficult conversations while being supported and facilitated by our trained staff.

We love the community! Family Foundation Initiatives regularly hosts family-centered, community service projects. From community clean-ups, and feeding the homeless, to rehab construction projects, we support families connecting with one another while serving others in need. Call our office for more information about all of our service offerings (346) 388-5098.

Services for your organization

We are dedicated to meeting the needs or you organization as well. Please contact us to learn more about how we can partner with your endeavors.



Kimberly's extensive professional career makes her a sought out trainer both locally and internationally. Common training request include topics around trauma-informed practices, providing effective service delivery for those serving survivors of commercial sexual exploitation, or any of the many issues centered around foster care and adoption.



Kimberly is available to come and teach 1-time workshops as well as workshop series. Kimberly is a certified trainer in Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) , Making Sense of Your Worth, Building Freedom Within,  and the Prepare-Enrich Curriculum. Kimberly has additionally trained numerous other modules to support teens, couples, women, and parents.


Speaking Engagements

Kimberly loves to share her gift of speaking with those who have a desire to listen. Her personable disposition connects with audience members whether it be a crowd of 50 0r 5,000.  Kimberly has presented at many conferences and symposiums including: Filled Retreat, GRIT Conference, JuST Conference, and the Hope for the Journey Syndicated Conference

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