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SO YOU'LL KNOW is designed to help us mothers reconnect to the daughters that are beginning to explore their way in this thing called life. Where we may have once been their voice of reason or daily compass, there comes a time when our tween daughters retreat into their private rooms, into their coded conversations, into their emotional decisions, and their own curious minds. This interactive journal was created as a safe space where you get to engage with your daughter to learn more about her during these tumultuous years. It is equally a wonderful opportunity to share more about yourself. While the transition to adolescence can be tricky for both moms and daughters, this journal is a tool that can help revitalize the connection that has never died, but maybe has become a little buried.

SO YOU'LL KNOW simultaneously serves as a memoir, commemorating the sometimes complicated and beautiful relationship between a mother and her daughter. Imagine, ten years from now looking back at this detailed snapshot, appreciating how much she has grown, you have grown, and how your relationship has grown. Imagine, ten years from now, you and your adult daughter laughing out loud together as you re-read the journal pages, reminiscing on that time in history, and appreciating how your relationship has become fully bloomed.


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So You'll Know: An Interactive Relationship Memoir

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