to the first step towards a better tomorrow. If you are visiting this site, I imagine life has presented you with some challenges. You may be facing relationship issues, difficulty in life transitions, feelings of depression or anxiety...or just feeling without a sense of direction. The truth is, many will at some point in their life experience similar feelings. The good news is, you do not have to face this mountain alone. It would be my pleasure to walk with you on this healing journey.
Family Foundation Initiatives, PLLC offers individual, couple, family, and group therapy sessions in a warm and supportive environment.  Whether you have had therapists over the course of many years-or- you have not told anyone that you're even considering seeing a counselor, it is okay. Our team is ready to meet you right where you are.

Kimberly A. Glaudy



"Do the best that you can until you know better. Then when you know better,
-Dr. Maya Angelou

Perhaps you have been trying to figure things out on your own, or have confided in a peer, yet still not satisfied with how you're feeling. Deep down you know things can be better for you, but you might not know where to start. Let that desire for something greater drive you toward a more fulfilling future. Its time to do better and be better!

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Hiking in Sunset

"If you want to end your nightmare,get a new DREAM"

-Dr. J.Allen Williams



What are your hopes and dreams?  Are you living a life of purpose or are you stuck in a nightmare of monotony?  Purposeful  living unlocks a level of joy and satisfaction that is otherwise difficult to reach. Here's your ticket to dream again. Why not give it a try?

"Kimberly has brought enlightenment into my marriage.She demonstrates patience, professionalism, honesty, and is realistic. The environment she creates in our sessions brings a comfort level to allow us to be ourselves and vulnerable in a safe and trustworthy space. She's our voice of reason. I'm thankful for the guidance and mentoring Kimberly has provided. She's a great therapist! "                 


 -GS (client)

"I just want to say the session was awesome today...empowering, but challenging. I really took some things from it. Grateful."

-LT (Client)

" Kim is outstanding. She pays attention to small details to pull out certain parts of the conversation to bring deeper meaning. We were able to discuss family secrets and grow closer to one another.  The environment was open, nonjudgmental and welcoming. I really appreciate kim for offering family mediator sessions. My family and I were able to start the healing process and we can’t thank her enough. I would highly recommend this session for everyone."

-AJ (Client)

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